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So you are looking for knowledge about Wicca and Witchcraft , Well my friend, this is the best and most complete set of E-books about wonders of Wicca you will find anywhere.
I have searched for months to find all of these books and spent a small fortune to gather them together. Now I am offering it to you for far less than I could be charging for such a complete set. I have seen similar sets of books selling for as much as $198.00, and for what you will receive in this fantastic collection, I could be asking for more. But I do believe in Karma, and I want you to be able to get your hands on these books
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I know it’s only through fate that you even found this page, And because you are seeking knowledge, I want to offer you this vast set of books, at a very low price.

The Wonders of Wicca E-book Collection!
Here is your chance to get over 30+ Wicca,Witchcraft, and Occult e-books at a super low cost. This is one of the Largest Collections that you will find on the internet.
The titles you will receive Are Listed Below :

Check out some of what you will get in this incredible set!

Wicca Set 1

*The Wiccan Book of the Dead
*101 Contradictions in the Bible
*Book One of Wicca
*Book of Occult
*The Necronomic Spell book
*Book Two of Wicca
*A True History of Witchcraft
Wicca Set 2

*Develop Your Psychic Abilities
*Alexandrian Book of Shadows
*Magick Books of Occult Philosophy
*Interpretation of Dreams
*The 1st-4th Books Of Occult Philosophy - Henry Cornelius ebook
*The Greater Key of Solomon Book 1 & 2
*Sacred Text
*The Greater Key of Solomon Order of the Pentacles
*Egyptian Book of Dead
Wicca set 3

*Sword of Moses
*Herbs and Their Magical Properties
*Healing Spells
*The Truth About the Masons
*Protection Spells
*Basic Technologies of Witchcraft
*The Order of the GBG
*Arbatel of Magick
Laws of Wicca

*Invocation of the Horned God
*The 13 Principles of the Wiccan Belief
*Drawing Down the Moon
*The Decent of the Goddess
*What is Magick
*The Three-Fold Law
*The Charge of the Good
*The Witches' Chant
*The Charge of the Goddess
*The Wiccan Rede
*What is Wicca
*The Four Powers of the Magus
*The Great Rite Invocation
*The Witches' Creed
*The Law of Power

Astrology & Tarot E-book Collection

*Dispelling Some Common Myths about Astrology
*The 12 Zodiac Signs
*The Natal Chart
*The Chart Wheel
*Basic Tarot Card Reading
*The Major Arcana Cards
*The Minor  Arcana
*Divination Spreads
*The Seven Basic Chakras
*19 Classic Ghost Stories
*Charmed Book of Shadows

 I am even going to give you a book about Werewolves!

Do you think Werewolves are Real?  What have the legends written about these mythical creatures? How has the Werewolf myth come about and how has it evolved? In this new E-book entitled The Book of Werewolves and authored by Sabine Baring-Gould in 1865, you get 116 pages chock-full of fascinating stories and information about all aspects of lycanthropy.
If ever you’ve been interested in these abominable creatures,
now’s your opportunity to become an expert on them!

You will also receive a book called How do you Interpret  Dreams!
 Ever Wondered What Your Dreams might Mean?
Unlock The Power Of Your Mind By understanding Your Dreams.  Do you want to know what your dreams are trying telling you? Do you struggle with a  certain problem but just don’t know how to resolve it?
 Do you have unresolved

issues and are unsure which way to go to to make the right choice?

These e-books sell for as much as $39.95 each ! Even If you figured each book cost only $14.95 each, that would still make this Package Value worth $598.00!-(bad karma!)

Your Cost Today ....$9.99! FOR EVERYTHING!


Be sure after you pay, wait to be redirected to your books!

100% money back if not fully satisfied! 

P.S we will be adding more books in the future. Once you buy these books please bookmark the download page, and come back and get any future books for free, forever!


P.P.S Thank you, for your interest  in wicca and witchcraft I hope you fully enjoy the information you are about to receive.

Blessed Be to You!